At ACR we have all the sanitizing products to keep clean the environment of the vehicle that is so important for you and yours.


The ACR DUV UV-C ultraviolet light system is now available for easy installation in any vehicle for air disinfection and is also available in a version for installation in coaches.

  • The equipment is easily installed in the vehicle’s ventilation and air conditioning system.
  • It completely breaks down the DNA structure of the pathogens and releases completely clean air.

To learn more about this innovative product, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In ACR we care about the welfare and comfort that our products offer to people when they travel, and something that matters even more to us is their good health, so we have for sale 2 types of ozone generators, the ACR SANITIZER PLUS and ACR SANITIZER PLUS DIGIT, of different powers, usability and style, the 2 models are valid for both vehicle disinfection and for domestic use.


One of the best options for the disinfection of vehicle interiors is ozone, which is an enormously powerful disinfectant biocide and is very efficient against all types of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.

It is also a totally ecological and environmentally friendly product, since it does not generate any residue.


With ACR’s single-use anti-odor sanitizers, you will quickly eliminate those unpleasant odors caused by bacteria and mold in air conditioners, ventilation ducts or in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

We have 3 different formats:

They are very easy to use and there is no need to disassemble the cabin filters. When applying the treatment you will feel a fresh and pleasant aroma in the interior of the vehicle.